From Germany - the birthplace of many fine musical instruments - come the sensational SONOR DRUMS. Famous throughout Europe and spreading to America, they are played by Equally famous exponents of the drumming art - names like Bobby Kevin (illustrated), Connie Kay of the Modern Jazz Quartet, Karl Sanner, Stuff Combe, Rudi Sehring, Kurt Bong and Sperle Karas. In Sonor you have the best, the best in design, construction and quality - a sensation in sound!

The drums are illustrated in 4 basic outfits, graduating to the Chicago Star. You can start with a simple arrangement and add what you want, when you want, as you need it.

5 popular finishes: Black and Sliver striped glitter (Code M), White Pearl (Code E), Red Glitter (Code N), Wine Marble Stripe (Code T), Blue Marble Stripe (Code U).

Design, construction and quality are of the highest - batter heads of calf, steel counterhoops moulded in one-piece, chrome parts triple plated, all threaded incast steel for super strength and other unique Sonor features.