Jaap op de Ven


Hello my name is Jaap op de Ven, and since two weeks I’m also a "sonor geek"

My gear

Sonor delite: 20 x 17 inch bassdrum

10 x 9 inch tom tom

12 x 10 inch tom tom

14x 12 inch tom tom

sonor 3003 10 inch snaredrum

The "main" snare is a custom bronze snare (14inch) with a weight of 12 kilo’s!

My hardware is gribaltar grs rack system and gribaltar rock hardware.

The cymbal set up consists of:

Sabian AA: 13 inch fusion hats top

16 inch thin crash

6 and 8 inch splash

Sabian HHX 14 inch studio crash

Sabian AAX 20 inch studio ride

Sabian Signature 16 inch china (c. appice )

Sabian HH 13 inch fusion hihat bottom (with holes)

My heads are all remo