Pippo Bianco of Matera, Italy


.A few months ago I bought a brand new Sonor Sonic Plus II 4020 set at a bargain price (at least for Italy: the equivalent of about 1000 US$, hardware included). Attached is a picture of my set with myself playing it a few weeks a go in a jazz club.
I find this set as a great value for the money as opposed to other mid level sets. It's light enough to be carried around easily (I also have a vintage Rogers set, very heavy indeed), the hardware is pretty good, looks nice and it sounds very well. I'm very satisfied with it. In the same store where I bought it there was a Chinese Sonor Force kit, considerably less expensive, but the difference was very evident... By the way, my sets has "Made in Germany" scripts all around...
A few weeks ago a pro jazz drummer, quite famous in Italy, used my set in a gig and was pretty impressed by the sound and by the quality of pedals. Don't you think that those drums are a bit more than "entry level drums"?
Best, and keep up the good work

Pippo Bianco