Rob Boundy

Thanks for a great site, I love it! Attached is a picture of the rest of my setup (sorry about the quality). I am a total Sonor geek, so much so, I opened my own little shop in Adelaide. South Australia. Its called Rob's Drum Shed, my website is in under construction, I'll let you know when it's up because I'd love to have a link to your great site on my web page, got some good stories to share as I have been involved with Sonor for over 20 Years. Thats where Virgil Donati spawned his incredible talent, through the brilliance of Sonor and the people who supported it in Melbourne. Pretty cool Huh?
enough gossip
Kind Regards
Rob Boundy

Curator's note:

Very cool, and do send me the link when you're up. I know there are quite a few Aussie Sonor Geeks who'd like a place to hang and buy their favorite toys!