Sam Brooke

I bought this kit in May last year after playing other brands for 15 years. It has had a huge impact on the satisfaction of playing drums for me, and I don't forsee any chance of buying non-sonor again (with the exception of a couple of snares). It is an early 80's kit with drum sizes 22 x 14 BD, 12 x 10, 13 x 11, 16 x 16 floor and 14 x 6.5 snare. I removed the original sonor mounts and use optimounts as they allow more choice of drum placement. After some discussion on your message board I am still unsure wether the kit is an early performer or phonic/phonic plus, as it has 6 ply toms, 9 ply bass and 70's style mounts and bits, and the colour is metallic blue. Anyway it weighs a ton and sounds just as fat. I would like to share the pics with other fans, and hopefully find out more about the kit. I am told that it retailed for over $3500 in australia in the mid-eighties.

Curator's note:

Upon seeing this I am again struck by the different marketing Sonor used around the world. From his description these are Performer drums with a Phonic bass - but it has Phonic badges. It has the 80's lugs without snap-loc, but uses 70's style mounts. The snare has no center bead, much like a D-518, yet it is obviously shallower than 8"
Verry Interesting...