I'm playing Sonor drums for 20 years now.

I started at the age of 10 with a second-hand set, but I didn't know which brand it was. After 10 years (!) I discoverd the very small Sonor logo on the bassdrum spurs. Before, I always thought I was playing a Rogers set... I don't know which type of set it was and I can't find it on your website, so hopefully I can send you some pictures of that set soon (must have them somewere in a photo album...)

Proud as I was I bought me a brandnew Force 2000 set (nice collection of
pictures are coming your way!), together with a Designer snare.

22x16 BD
10x9 TT
12x10 TT
13x11 TT
14x12 TT
Designer Snare: 14x5, Maple light
Bassdrum and toms in white, snare in stain green

Why a stain green snare? It was my intention to buy a complete stain green Designer set but, euh..., well..., it was to expensive. So I bought the snare with the intention to buy the entire set later..... and I did! ... not in stain green, but in stain blue (I couldn't wait and my music store had one in stain blue...).

And, YES, I am proud and happy to play the Designer set, I won't change it for another one!!
(or yes, perhaps a DW or Slingerland if it's for free)

Setup: (Maple Light shells)
22x16 BD
10x9 TT
12x10 TT
14x12 TT
Snare: still the same: 14x5

Hardware: Sonor 5000 series, Pearl, DW (5000 twin pedal) and Dixon.

My next dream? A Delite or Jungle set (can't choose!)...

Stef Broos, Belgium
email: stef@soul4you.be
website of my band: www.soul4you.be