Steven Carter

Hi and long time no talk to. I spoke with you months back about my new drums. Well, my fellow Sonor man, I finally got around to scanning a few pics for you. I plan on buying a digital camera soon so I can send much better quality pics then. Hope these come out ok. Let me know.
The kit is a 1998 maple light Designer. As you can see its blue sparkle lacquer. The drums are an 18 x 22 bass drum, 9 x 10 and 10 x 12 mounted toms. The floor toms (with legs.....I still like "real" floor toms, what can I are 16 x 14 and an 18 x 16!! That is (btw) 16 inches deep on the 14 and 18 inches deep on the 16 and they sound beautiful. Wacky sizes I know but I wanted something different. All my hardware I use in this kit is Sonor except for DW double pedal and hi-hat. I have a mixture of my old trusty Phonic and new Designer.

I have 7 different Sonor snare drums. They range from Phonic metal, Hi Lite, Force 3000 and my most recent.... a 5 X 14 Symphony snare! That sucker smokes! I also have a 1980 set of black Phonics I'll send a pic of with the details. And a 1996 ocean blue Force 3000 kit. As you are well aware the Phonics are beechwood and the 3000's are birch. Thanks for taking the time and if I can help in any way let me know. I've been a Sonor geek since 1980!!