Chris Cawthray of Toronto,Canada

here's my grainy pics....


top row
l. to r. 16x16 red Phonic floor tom, 14x20 orange Phonic bass drum

bottom row
l. to r. 10x14 red Phonic tom, 9x13 red Phonic tom (on RIMS), partially obscured 8x10 Performer rosewood tom
on the floor - 14x24 white Phonic bass drum


l. to r. 14x20 orange Phonic bass drum, 14x24 white Phonic bass drum

sonor 3:

top row
14x22 red Phonic bass drum with politically incorrect 80's drumhead (the woman is lying on a Porsche, so I thought it was appropriate for SONOR)
bottom row
l. to r. 6.5x14 SigLite ebony snare, 5x14 60's student snare, 5.75x14 redmaple Hilite snare, 6.5x14 Phonic ferro (drums from sonor1 can also be seen in photo)


front view of 22" bass drum and snare drums