The original early 70's teardrop slate pearl kit (bought used by by my Mom for me as a gift) consisted of one 22" kick, note with the odd year metal hoops, 13" & 14" rack toms mounted on the bass drum, a 14" floor tom and a 14" metal snare with the chrome plastic lugs. And a set of Sonor hi-hat cymbals of which I think only have one now.

Later, 4 brand new black custom ordered toms were added, with tama hardware, 6", 8", 10" and 12" (this was around 1980). Since the metal snare lugs just blasted themselves apart, an old orange sparkle Ludwig marching snare was brought in to replace. An old Pearl marching bass drum was covered with aluminum flashing and served as the 2nd bass drum for awhile.

Latest additions are a bona fide matching bass drum (can't tell you how happy I am about finding this - even if one of the metal hoops is not stock), along with a matching 12" tom. With the help of some various tama, dw and pearl hardware, and a chrome refinish on the Ludwig snare, you can see how this mess finally came together. Every lug, nut and bolt was removed and cleaned and polished, and every niggling problem repaired. ddrum triggers have been added (not set up yet) running through a Yamaha TMX module.

And what about the poor Sonor metal snare? I revamped that as well. I found some black piccolo-type lugs that bolted up directory to the existing holes, and secured down the rims with black lugs. They are the garden variety square heads, but at least the lugs don't break apart when tightened. It serves as my backup snare now.