Jerome Deupree of Orchestra Morphine

Here are 2 shots of Roscoe, (100lb. Rottie/Bull Mastiff ...sweetest dog in the whole world) in the drum room.

Sonor lite kits...20,10,12,14,15, and 18,10,12,13,14(mtd.) in Creme.
20,10,12,14 ft with 4 and 7 " snares in Blue, 20,10,12,15 Ft. and 18,10,12, 14 mtd. in Birch.

Phonic Rosewood, 18,12,14, anniv. badge and 20,10,12,14 w/6.5 snare silver badge.

Some of the snares that Roscoe is 'guarding' are...
Noonan brass (upper left) , N&C 5+7" Classic and 5.75 sp (top right row) Yamaha Beech, Maple custom Absolute, and A. Fig signature, (middle right row), 5 and 6.5 Ludwig 70's Black Beauties and Drum Heaven Copper (bottom right row) Eames 12 ply blk. and 9 ply red, (bottom left) Magstarr 4" and 6" Maple, Sonorlite pic. .... Ludwig tube lug's, Sonor Phonic Chrome.... well you get the idea... Some of the 'Lite 12" toms have been cut down to 8" depth by Robb Kampa of Magstarr... (Thanks Rob for all the great drum work!!)

Most of these drums are dying to be played more and as you can see Roscoe is happy to help!!!

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