Doug Duvall - Mid 80's Phonic Plus

Doug's kit consists of 12x12, 13x13, 14x14, 15x15, mounted toms, 18x16 & 19x18 floor toms, and an 18x24 bass drum. We looked high and low and found the 15x15 and an 18x24 in red, so they've very recently been recovered and added to the kit. We're hoping they don't outlaw cigarettes until the new pieces yellow to match the others <grin>. If they look small to you, it's an optical illusion. Doug's a 6'4" monster himself... ;)
Doug has been playing with the AMIX band in SE Ohio for the last 15 years.
He recently found the matching 8x14 Phonic Plus wood snare but would like to find some Phonic stands.
He can be contacted at :

The AMIX website can be seen at