JJ Dugan


Not so great pics of my 1980's Phonics. The toms are 10 x 10, 12 x 12 (not pictured), and 14 x 14. The bass drum is 20 x 17, which was a special order item at the time. I had to wait 2 months for the bass drum to come over from Germany by ship!

Now it takes at least 6 months - RP

It was worth the wait, but the drum is the "heaviest 20" bass on the planet," as I affectionately refer to it. Also, I have a 16 x 16 phonic floor tom, which a guy in Portsmouth, Mass. converted into a mini bass drum! I bought it from him for $65.00 ! It came in the white laminate finish, but I stripped it and stained it to match the red mahoganny of the other drums. It came out fairly authentic, and the irony of it is that Sonor used the same wood for their laminated drums, so the grain "sweeps" are just as dramatic as those on my red Phonics! I will send a complete "batterie" picture this summer. My goal in life (!) is to be in the "Geeks" segment of your site. And yes, these drums are currently out gigging: I am in a blues-rock quartet, in which I am also the lead vocalist (Sonor drummers are always versatile: hey, when you play the best drums in the world, you should be).

Drumistically yours,

JJ Dugan
Hanover, PA