Ed Warshauer

Beautiful 1974 era Rosewoods

right about the time they switched from teardrop to square lugs. Note the Swinger double tom holder and round tom mounts.

These would normally have the "oval triangle mount" like on the bass drum.

Special order, Ed?

BTW, that is Ed behind the kit and not George Carlin as I had thought... ;-)

Below is a pic from Ed's "Disco Era"

Nice kit!!!

Here are some pics of my Sonor Pre-Phonic rosewood 9 ply beech snare.
It may be the only one of its kind as it was a non-catalog custom order placed with the assistance of the Charles Alden Co. It also has the wonderful and now very rare strainer Sonor used to produce in the mid 70's. I think its the best strainer on a drum still to this day. The drum sounds phenomenal.