Ian Fereday


Ian Fereday aka Fezza the Tubthumper

I’m been playing drums since I was seventeen and in that time I’ve had two drum kits both of which I still use. I started playing on a Tama Swingstar which is still in my practice den (My Sonor is kept for proper gigs, recording and workshops). As my playing improved and I started doing more gigs I wanted to go for something bigger, better and black. I tried them all but when I sat played a Sonor 3000 it just blew the competition out of the water and I’ve been a dedicated Sonor player ever since. The sound, power and projection really suit my playing and the kit and hardware are so well built. My kit still looks and sounds great after twelve years of gigging and recording and  I wouldn’t change it. In fact I’m looking to expand it to complete my dream kit. I would like to get hold of a second 22” bass drum, 8” & 14” rack tom (+ a tom holder) and an 18” floor tom. I’ve been searching Ebay, the classified section of this site and other sources for these item but so far with no luck. If anyone reading this has any of these items or know where I can get them then drop me a line ianfereday@tiscali.co.uk