Guido Flocati

Hi Scott,
just got me 2 Sets, one really great finished one of the 50's, and one early 60's for our Beat-Band Outfit. Will send you pix of both when completed. The BD of the 50's Set is missing but hopefully will get one in near future (contacts already made) and the early 60's Set (the one I'll eventually play) is missing the snare I found in your collection. GREAT PAGE!!!!!

--- UPDATE ---

Here's some new pics of my reanimated/relaunched early 60's kit.
The Snare I recently owned is a parallel working, metric one (between 13 and 14 inch). I bend the crome on brass top hoop a bit to make the strainer working with 14" heads. I also renewed the muffler which I really use sometimes. I adore every possibility to variegate with the sound and don't understand drummers who remove the muffler. The snare sounds great! In comparison to my red Vibrasonic Hayman-Snare which I played before (and still, due to my various bands and styles) it has less body (the Haymon got 6,5 inch high) but a great "beat"-attack which sounds perfect for my beatband THE COOL JERKS and also for playing in a quiet, jazzy way. It has a logo batch instead of the mallets. By the way, the mallets on the floortom are not original. I removed the logobatch there, filled the holes, drilled some new and fixed the mallets ("boohoo, not ORIGINAL anymore" I can hear some freaks cryin' - but SO WHAT? It looks marvellous and complete now and you don't see any holes a few feet away, do you?). My 50's set is still incomplete; I'll do a photo of the set so far - maybe someone has some spare parts or knows somebody who knows somebody....

Greetings from Bremen, Germany