Richie Jones

Hello there!
  I recieved this kit August 2003. It's the first Sonor kit I've ever owned, and the best sounding kit by far.  I'm playing full time with The Donna Hopkins Band in Atlanta Georgia.
  The kit consists of  22" kick, 20" kick , 10"X9", 12"X10", 14"X14" floor, 16"X16" floor toms, and 14"X5" snare. The kit is the original S-Class maple in Emerald Green, and has been upgraded with the new S-Class Pro mounting system. This kit went on tour with Jeff "Tain" Watts for a three month run before they were given to me through HSS. I'm now hooked and/or addicted to Sonor, and I'm looking into upgrading to some Designers really soon.  I'll update the Geek site as soon as they're in my hands.
Richie "Supabad" Jones