Wayne Maddever


Dear Rev:
Great site.  I have learned a lot in a short time about Sonor.
Attached are some photos of the original S-Class set I bought a couple of months ago to replace my Pearl Exports.  The snare is a 6 1/2" Pearl brass Free Floater, while the 8" tom is a Force 2000 shell I purchased on this site with no covering or lugs.  I covered it with birch and although the grain is not a match I got a pretty good colour match and the lugs are from American Drum Parts.  On stage you cannot tell the difference and it gives me some versatility that I did not have before.  Perhaps one day an 8" S-Class orphan and/or a 16"  floor tom orphan will appear.
I am really pleased with the Sonors as are the members of the 2 bands I play with regularly.  I love the finish and tone and no longer use muffling of any type.  The kick in particular is amazing.  A great step up in quality.
Wayne Maddever
Burlington, Ontario