StageFrightKen Nance

Hey fellow Sonor geeks, here are some pics of my new Delites. I plan to
add another bass drum at the end of summer and will resubmit pictures when
I do. Enjoy the pics! SonorKen. (SFK)

Sonor Delites in Birdseye Azure, 22X17 Bass Drum, 8X8 tom with TAR, 10X9
tom with TAR, 12X10 tom with TAR, 14X12 tom with TAR, 16X16 floor tom,
14x6 Snare.

Gibraltar GPR-450 rack system. Optional components used include, SC-MEDUA
X 4 (Ultra Adjust tom arms), SC-RBA X 4(Rack tube boom attachment),
GPRSSA X 1 (single pole snare basket), SC-GPRMC X 10 (power rack multi
clamp), SC-GPR46C(46" curved front bar), SC-GRSHML X 24 (road series
hunged memory lock) and SC-LBBT X 5 (Long cymbal boom brake tilter).

Paiste Signature Series cymbals. (14” sound edge hi-hats, 21” dry heavy
ride, 18” Power crash, 18” Full crash, 20” Power Crash, 20” Full crash,
20” Thin China, 16” Thin China, 10” splash, and 12” splash)

Paiste Dimensions Series cymbals. (22” Power China)

Paiste Exotic Percussion cymbals. (13” Mega Cup Chime, 12” Flanger bell,
#1 Cup Chime, #3 Cup Chime, 4” Accent cymbal, 6” accent cymbal)

DW 9002 Double Pedal, DW 9500 Hi-hat, Roland SPD-S drum machine, Roland
KD-7 mounted to a Yamaha pedal, Roland PD-9 electronic drum pads,
Puresound felt bass drum beater, Pork Pie big boy bicycle style throne,
Evans G2 heads, Evans super thin glass reso heads. Audix and Shure
microphones, 10 gates, MPX110 Effect processor, Berhinger dual 15 channel
equalizer, Midiverb 4 Effect processor, Behringer compressor, and I use an
assortment of Latin Percussion and D-vice mounts and boom stands to attach
my cymbals and microphones.

SKB Cases: 1 fitted and padded case for each drum, 2 cymbal vaults, 1 trap
case and one ATA style homemade case for the Exotic Percussion cymbals.

Here are the pictures,