Hi there...!

I´m a member of the "moonPATROL" from outer space. Our one and only function is to defend the moon against creatures who want to steal it from the blue sky.

Sometimes it is a little bit boring in our "mother-ship" circleling round the moon, so we started to play our "High Energy Rocket Roll" (http://www.moonpatrol.de). I´m the drummer and I love the drums from planet Earth very much...especially Sonor.

My first set was a Force 3000 in Scandinavian Birch with blue lacquered wood hoops...looking like mother earth in the early morning!
My punk set...consists of a `70 Super Champion bass drum in 24 x14" (with new covering), a 12 x 8" tom out of the Action series, a jungle snare and some other stuff I found in the orbit...!

Sorry for my bad English, but so many years in space with only 3 other people...;-)

Keep on movin´...!



High Energy Rocket Roll!