Kevin Poole


 I am a self admitted Sonor geek. I have had my set since (5 piece Sonor 1975 Acryl kit) 1975 when I was 15. It is very much like the one pictured in your oddities page. It has been all around the east coast and I have all the original pieces except for the bass drum case, which past away sometime a few years back. I did change the foot pedal to a double kick, but still have the original pedal. I don’t know much about these drums as I just played and never thought about the fact that they are 30 years old. Get out of town!!!, 30 years and still looks great. I will send a picture when I clean them up. I have them setup in my studio and the are dusty, time for a cleaning.

 Thanks for your great web site, I wish you luck.

 Thanks Kpooler, Kevin Poole (USA, Philly)