Gary Posey

I finally got some pics of my Sonic Plus set on my computer and wanted to share them with you. I reallize they'er not top of the line Sonors but I'm thrilled to own them. All my friends are jealous of me for having Sonor but that's OK (they all love the sound and finish). I aquired them from Sam Ash of Cleveland in May of 2000. They were the birch shells and I didn't realize the Plus II's were being made outside of Germany,so I feel I got a great deal on the 5 piece kit($550.00). When I went to look at them my wife came along (she's a drummer too), and I showed her the Sonic Plus and the Force 2001. I let her make the decision and even though the Sonic Plus was more money she loved the color and wouldn't even consider the other kits. Mine was on clearence because they discontinued that line and it didn't have the original snare so I had to settle for a Force 2001, but I still felt I couldn't beat that deal. I added latter that year a 10" and 14" tom but couldn't get them in the birch. I settled for the Plus II but am happy to have them. My next step will be the Designer series(make mine long lugs), but for now I'm broke and can only add on with my wife's approval(HaHaHa). Hear's my setup: 10",12",13",14",16" tom-toms; 22'' bass; 14x4 Force custom brass snare. Cymbals include: "A" Zildjian, 13" fusion HH; 15",16",18" "A" crash, 12" "A" splash, 20" "A" medium ride, 20" Wuhan chineese, some chimes and other percusion inst. Hardwear consist of: All cymbal stands Force 1000, Force 3000 double tom stand(took forever to get), Force 1000 snare and HH stands, A Yamaha double bass pedal and Pearl mini-boom for the splash. The pics I sent are before I added some of the cymbals and stands, I'm just lucky those pics even turned out, the others didn't. I would like to complement you on your tremendous site and want you to know you are doing a great job keeping us "geeks'' intune with the Sonor stuff. Without your website I would be lost out there buying whatever! A little history about how I fell in love with Sonor: When I started playing about 11 years ago I saw an ad for the Force 3000 line and said that is the kit I want, well by the time I could afford them they discontinued those and I couldn't begin to afford Designers. I really enjoy the set-up you have.
Thanks again,