Edwin Sanchez

My name is Edwin Sanchez. I'm sending you photos of my 60's era Sonor kit. It's from 1965 to be exact. I even have the Tyrko cymbals, but only use one. The wrap is very interesting, and in mint condition. I've seen it in a 66/67 catalog once. It's an olive with black pin stripe with
gold sparkle, perhaps rarer, and more interesting that the pychedelic flame swirl wraps which are always seen on Ebay. My snare is mint with the original Sonor snare wires, and it even still has the metal top over the snare switch!! All the hardware is mint mid to late 60's with titlers. All have ball feet, and all have original screws and wing nuts.

I also have all the original heads, but have replaced them with newer ones. All badges are intact, and say made in Western Germany, and each drum is made of beech. They sound dreamy, and creamy. Do not doubt the sound. This is a great sounding drum kit. Miked with my Neuman mic's through my API mic pre/EQ lunch box or through my vintage Neve mic pre's, this kit sounds explosively rich, warm and full.

The interesting thing is that for the exception of the cymbal stands and foot pedal, I bought this entire kit for 150.00 dollars from an old lady in Yorba Linda, California who wanted it out of her garage before she donated it to the Salvation Army. Can you imagine that?! It was in beat up and slightly pitted, and rusty condition, and came with 60's era Lugwig hardware, including a Speed King foot pedal. But I've restored it to it's former glory, as you can see!! Now, if I can only find an old lady with a 1959 Les Paul in her garage. Ha!