Leon Surles


Hi my name is Leon Surles I live in Boynton Beach Fl. I Love my sonor drums. I bought my drums about 9 years ago. I got them for a unbelievable price . I paid a whopping 300$ for them. But you would not have believed the shape that they were in . It looked like they were left in hot garage and all this guys mess was just piled on top of them . Obviously this man had no clue about these drums and how much they could have been worth. I ask what he wanted . And he said make me a offer so I said 300 and the rest is history. I pretty much brought these drum back to life . All they needed was some tlc. I will never part with these drums .You can hear just how good they sound go to my bands web site www.sfldownfall.com and download one of mp3s. I would love to be posted on your geeks page. So here are some pics please let me know what you think.