Erich Thesinger

Greetings from germany... I stumbled across your sonor website...great job!congrats!
i'm looking for a ludwig jazzette set,60s or 70s, in exc cond with absolutely no
mods/ x-holes etc and have a couple of sonor snare drums for trade,so i thought
i'd let you know...maybe we can arrange something...anyway,here goes :

- sonor piccolo in black diamond / hi-lite exclusive (yes,the one you're looking
for, BUT : ) with worn copper hardware (finish ok ) - if you want it mint,
you'll have to have the parts re-coppered, as is ,i'd rate them fair to
good (max)..., still,they're pretty hard to find...
- sonor phonic late 70s (my guess),genuine rosewood,14x5 3/4,ten lug,some
scratches,some wear (not much ), but basically very good condition...
- sonor pancake,1960s,sonor version of champagne sparkle finish,very good - exc