Andy Ventura

hi ,
i'm writing from italy and i play SONOR since i was 14 years old ( my first drum set was a white PHIL RUDD style PHONIC )
then i bought in the late 80's a LITE in scandy birch .
i still get this set , and during these years it has been increased with more drums ( as you can see in the pics)
my LITE set :
8x8  10x9 12x10  13x11   14x14ft  15x15ft  16x17fg  20x16bd  22x17bd  14x7,25sn
i also get a Maple Light DESIGNER  8x8  10x10  12x12  14x14  20x17
and finally a PHONIC rosewood 14x6 snare 
ciao to everybody
andy "moneyman" ventura  - italy