Bill Wharton

I started to play the drums as a young boy but it proved to be too much for my parents as I was the youngest of 5 kids. They were in their late thirties by the time I came around. By the time I started to play they were in their late forties. It just proved to be too loud. I did however have several years of lessons. You'd be surprised how much one forgets in 30 years! Now that I'm 40 I have gotten back into it with the help of a couple of great friends. Both Sonor Geeks in their own right and proably on your list to become Official Sonor Geeks(Chris Nerone and Bill Asimos). They got me my first Sonor kit which was a Force 3001 in Red Maple. I turned it into an 8 piece kit which simply put.... Rocks!
After playing that kit for several months I found a five piece White Sparkle Designer kit on ebay which belonged to Sonor endorsed Howee Gordon (A professional Jazz drummer for Ertha Kit, the original Cat Woman on Batman). He inturn directed me to the guy who owned the original 6.5X14 snare that came with the kit, which I purchased also. The kit at that time consisted of 16x20 kick, 6.5x14 snare, 8x10 tom, 8x12 tom, 10x12 tom, and a 13x15 tom. Thru your website and the help of Tony Hillhouse I've since made that kit into a Killer Rock Kit that includes the following: 16x20 kick, 6.5x14 snare, 8x8 tom, 9x10 tom, 10x12 tom, 11x13 tom, and a 13x15 tom. I've ordered a 14x16 tom which is due in
about a month. I've also got an Artist Series Cottonwood Snare that was purchased at the Sonor Plant in Germany by non other than Ernest LaRouche(also a great guy and endorsed Sonor Drummer).
I've now been back playing for about a year and am almost ready to look for work on the weekends playing. Hopefully I will be purchasing a new De-lite kit or S Class Pro kit soon to gig with.

Bill Wharton