Gerald "Winnie" Wienhöfer

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to tell You that Your site is quite fantastic. I have never seen anyone putting more effort into making a site about drums. Carry on that way!
In the attachment You will find some pics of my SONOR kit.
It´s a 1998 S-Class I bought last year.
It comes with sizes 22"BD, 8,10,12,14" toms and a 14"x 5 S-Class maple snare with Die-Cast hoops, all in natural finish. I mounted the whole kit on an old MAPEX rack in order to still be able to include a 16" tom in case I´m able to get one (it was hed enough to dig for the 8" tom 3 years after the series was replaced by the S-Class maple)


Gerald "Winnie" Wienhöfer

P.S.: Do You know what SONOR kit Genesis´ Chester Thompson was playing on the 1992 tour?

AFAIK, he was playing his red lacquer Signatures - RP