Sonor Internationals were a really lame attempt at cracking the budget market. You'll notice from these pics that they LOOK like Sonor and even have Sonor lugs, but the rims and other hardware is generic Taiwan all the way. The shells are mahogany (luan), but painted with speckled gray & white inside. What are they hiding? Think worse than Pearl Export.

Snare drums are even more obvious:
generic Taiwanese multi-ribbed steel shells a la CB700 and Maxwin. YUK!!!

I can't attest to the SOUND of these drums, I'm sure they're passable - but just the thought of cheap generic drums with SONOR badges makes me ill.

Thankfully they only tried selling this line for a year or two before abandoning the idea.

If you find a set for sale, keep looking. If you are offered a set for free? Politely decline.