NAMM Report from our resident drum spy Jeffrey Speegle --- I mean Tony Hillhouse... Oh forget it!


I thought you might enjoy seeing the pictures from SONOR's NAMM booth.

If I EVER buy another SONOR snare, the one in P1020101.jpg is it!!!!
(The Artist model AS1405 BLR in Blanched Roots finish)

A few passing thoughts:

The new 5 X 13" 27ply drum: I was told it is beech, not birch, as most of the trade rags have reported. ...might be worth pinging RM on...fact or fiction?

The new Designer finishes are SWEEEEET! ...the Scandy kit in the booth was very reminiscent of a set of Lites or Force 3000's. Sooooo, Rev., when are you planning to order a set, now that your favorite finish is available? ;-)

I am not a fan of the new / light tom mounts for the Designers. ...not the quality that I would expect to find on a $9K kit. (IMHO)

I am OFFICIALLY pissed @ Rusty/HSS/SONOR! You may remember that I wanted to special order The_BIG_Designer_Kit in Stain Purple, and was willing to pay well for the color, but no doing! WEEEELLL! ...Stain Purple is now an offered color!!!! ...was even on the swatch board! AGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! :-(